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Oatly Loses Trademark Dispute with Glebe Farm Foods

September 13, 2021


As reported by the BBC, Oatly has lost a trademark battle against Glebe Farm Foods (“Glebe Farm”) over its "PureOaty" oat milk.

Oatly, which is headquartered in Sweden, markets itself as the "world’s original and largest oat drink company".

Oatly brought a legal action against Glebe Farm, a family-run farm based near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom, claiming that Glebe Farm’s PureOaty product took unfair advantage of Oatly’s trademarks associated with its own oat milk drink products.

Oatly’s lawyers asserted that Glebe Farm had infringed five of Oatly's trademarks and had attempted to pass off the PureOaty name as an Oatly product.

The High Court ruled in favour of Glebe Farm, finding that there was no risk of injury to the distinctive character of the Oatly Brand and that, while there were similarities in the packaging, they were general and would not lead to confusion.

Oatly will reportedly not be appealing the decision.


Author: Farrah Kudus


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