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Off-White Sues Brooklyn Lighthouse for Trademark Infringement

February 8, 2019


Off-White, a successful streetwear-meets-high-fashion clothing brand, has sued Brooklyn Lighthouse, a children’s apparel retailer, alleging trademark infringement of its registered trademarks.

The allegedly infringed trademarks include Off-White’s alternating parallel diagonal lines and two intersecting dual-sided arrow designs. In addition, some of the Brooklyn Lighthouse product designs include the words “Off-White” on them, which Off-White alleges are not authorized to be included. Off-White alleges that the Brooklyn Lighthouse products are “nearly indistinguishable from the Off-White Products, with only minor variations that no ordinary consumer would recognize.”

The current suit follows a cease and desist letter sent by Off-White to Brooklyn Lighthouse earlier this year, with which Off-White alleges Brooklyn Lighthouse has not fully complied.

In addition to its request for a jury trial, Off-White is seeking injunctive relief, damages for the harm it has and will sustain, any gains obtained by Brooklyn Lighthouse, enhanced discretionary damages, treble and/or statutory damages of up to $2 million per counterfeit mark, and attorneys’ fees.

It appears Off-White may also be lining up other lawsuits against individuals and entities that it alleges have exploited Off-White’s “goodwill, reputation and fame”.


Authors: Amanda Bertucci and Abid Khalid


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