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Patent Application Suggests 5G Apple Watch

October 22, 2019


Apple’s potential plans to incorporate 5G support in future Apple Watch models were recently revealed when the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) published Apple’s patent application for Electronic Devices Having Millimeter Wave Ranging Capabilities online.

5G networks typically use millimeter wave (mmWave) technology. The patent application suggests that Apple Watches of the future may be able to support 5G cellular networks or a fast variant of Wi-Fi known as 802.11ad.

Many of Apple’s competitors have struggled to accommodate 5G antennas in cellular phones that measure less than 8mm in thickness and have displays smaller than 6 inches – let alone in smartwatches. However, Apple recently acquired Intel’s smartphone modem development division to create its own 5G modems and is expected to introduce the first iPhone with 5G sometime next year.


Authors: Larissa Fulop and Matt McDonald


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