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Patent Application Suggests Ford Bronco With Removable Roll Cage and Roof

January 15, 2020


According to AutoGuide, a patent application recently filed by Ford suggests that the upcoming Ford Bronco may have a removable roof and roll cage, allowing for an “open-air driving experience”. The Bronco is looking to compete with the Jeep Wrangler, which only provides a removable roof, not a removable roll cage, as contemplated by the Bronco patent application.

The patent images suggest that short pillars would be bolted to the Bronco at the window line to retain the third seatbelt mounting point. The pillars would then attach to the vertical side and the floor of the vehicle to provide more strength.

It seems Ford has yet to figure out how the Bronco will provide proper protection to anyone who wishes to take the vehicle off-roading, since a roll cage usually needs to be completely attached to the frame to prevent injury during a rollover.


Authors: Larissa Fulop and Matt McDonald


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