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Princeton Identity Granted Patents For Iris Recognition Technology

September 10, 2018


As reported by Security Info Watch, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Princeton Identity three patents regarding iris authentication technology. Princeton Identity’s iris recognition technology is featured in consumer products, such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, which allows users to unlock their phones by glancing at their device.

The first patent describes an iris matching procedure that compares the captured image to a set of reference images. If the images match, an object that is locked will be unlocked to allow access to the user.

In the second patent, if a successful match is found, the user will be permitted to conduct a financial transaction.

The third patent describes an iris matching procedure that will query a database for information relating to the identified person. Ultimately, the gathered information specific to the individual would be displayed on a device.

A notable advancement in all of the granted patents is the ability to capture images of an individual’s iris while they are moving. This is a welcomed feature as existing devices typically require the individual to be stationary and in close proximity to the device.

Marc Clifton, CEO of Princeton Identity, commented on the newly granted patents: “With over 11 patented technologies in our portfolio and many more pending, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to creating the most advanced and accurate iris recognition-based solutions to ensure accurate and convenient authentication of people and access to assets”.

Author: Steve Inglis


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