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Recent Emails Indicate that “UFO Patents” Underwent Significant Screening by U.S. Navy

February 12, 2021


Last year, the publication of several unusual patents assigned to the U.S. Navy made waves throughout the scientific community due to the patents’ bizarre and unconventional claims.

The War Zone, a branch of The Drive dedicated to military and defence-related content, recently obtained a tranche of internal emails from Naval Air Systems Command (“NAVAIR”), which suggest that the inventions went through more rigorous internal review than previously understood.

The patents, which are credited to Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais, who was an aerospace engineer at NAVAIR’s Naval Air Warfare Centre Aircraft Division (“NAWCAD”) at the time, include an array of bizarre technologies ranging from a “high temperature superconductor” and a “high frequency gravitational wave generator”, to more radical claims of a force field-like “electromagnetic field generator”, a “plasma compression fusion device” and a hybrid aerospace/underwater craft with an “inertial mass reduction device.”

The public’s interest in the matter stems from the fact that these claims appear to be more thoroughly grounded in science fiction than current scientific advancements, and seemingly lay out the theoretical building blocks for constructing a UFO-like craft.

The newly uncovered emails demonstrate that the U.S. Navy went through a comprehensive and rigorous internal review in evaluating the patents prior to filing applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The invention disclosure forms show that the inventions were released to multiple NAVAIR employees prior to application. Further, the emails disclose that Pais’ inventions underwent review by the Technology Transfer Office of NAWCAD. The inventions also withstood “technical and marketing reviews” in 2015 after which Pais defended his inventions in front of the NAWCAD Invention Evaluation Board throughout 2016 and 2017. A statement from NAWCAD leadership suggests that “demonstrative experiments” were conducted to test Dr. Pais’ inventions.

Notwithstanding that these inventions passed the U.S. Navy’s review process, subject matter experts have largely rejected the patents and underlying concepts due to a “lack of experimental evidence” and “their seeming similarity to controversial and highly theoretical concerns such as mass reduction or quantum vacuum engineering.” The War Zone reported that it has yet to find “any experimental validation or subject matter experts who can confirm Pais’ theories.”


Authors: Sam Galway and Shadi Varkiani


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