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Red Bull’s Opposition of Bullards’ Trademark may not hit the Bullseye

November 12, 2021


As reported by BBC, Red Bull is opposing an application by UK-based gin firm, Bullards, to register the trademark “Bullards” before the UK Intellectual Property Office. The energy drink giant claims that there is a likelihood of confusion on behalf of the public as both "Bullards" and "Red Bull" contain the word "bull".

Red Bull does not take issue with Bullards’ use of the name for its well-established gin products, but rather with its use for other goods and services such as energy drinks, events, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Russel Evans, the founder of Bullards, calls the claim “ludicrous” because he believes there is no confusion whatsoever between the brands, and says that removing the items of concern would cost the company “thousands of pounds” and interfere with their future plans.

Red Bull has yet to comment publicly on the matter.


Authors: Samara Friszman and Caitlin Woodford


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