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Renaissance BioScience Secures Patents for Acrylamide-Reducing Technology

March 31, 2022


As reported by Potato News Today, global bioengineering company, Renaissance BioScience Corp., has received a new round of patent allowances for its non-GMO acrylamide-reducing yeast (“ARY”) technology.

This second round of patent allowances comes from authorities in Australia, Vietnam, India, Russia, and China. The company has previously had patents issued for the same technology in the United States, Japan, Indonesia, Chile, and Colombia and has patents pending in multiple other markets.

As the name would suggest, the goal of the ARY technology is to reduce the amount of acrylamide found in many everyday foods consumed by people around the world. While acrylamide is a commonly occurring substance in many grain based foods (e.g., crackers, bread, cereals etc.), it is also carcinogenic and has a particularly adverse impact on children.

Dr. John Husnik, the CEO of Renaissance BioScience, reportedly hopes that the broader acceptance of ARY technology in multiple markets around the world will lead to the technology being more broadly commercialized by food manufacturers. It is hoped that this in turn will lead to more widespread usage and a corresponding decrease in the amount of acrylamide in the global food supply.


Authors: Aryan Pour-Bahreini and Sarah Stothart


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