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Researchers Patent a Bio-Inspired Microphone Technology

January 24, 2024


As reported by EurekAlert!, using biomimicry, researchers at Binghamton University, Ron Miles and Jian Zhou, have sought patent protection related to a bio-inspired flow microphone technology, .

Miles and Zhou found that spider silk acted like a perfect microphone, responding to the motion of the air in the sound field with perfect fidelity at a broader range of frequencies and a flatter frequency response, unlike conventional microphones.

This technology has reportedly been commercialized by TandemLaunch and its spin-off company, Soundskrit, releasing both an analog and digital version of this concept.

While looking into audio capture in consumer devices, Sahil Gupta, co-founder of Soundskrit, reportedly told EurekAltert! that their approach was different from most others, which typically involves using multiple microphones with software to isolate a user’s voice from background noise. “By improving the underlying hardware, everything else on top of that would only be improved. Paired with some really incredible results and a truly unique story, we saw how differentiated this approach was”, he reportedly said.

Miles and Zhou are continuing their research, hoping to lead to further technological advancements in various industries.


Authors: Noor Sakran and Yaseen Manan


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