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Rowing Machine Design Patent Infringement Battle

May 6, 2022


As reported by JD Supra, Hydrow, Inc. (“Hydrow”), the manufacturer of the Hydrow Rower, has brought a design patent and trade dress infringement action against iFit Health & Fitness in the district of Delaware.

In its pleading, Hydrow states that the Hydrow Rower was designed to be a unique visual rower concept, which was far afield from any previous rower design in the market. Hydrow argues that the iFit offering is similar to the patented design of the Hydrow Rower and its commercial embodiment. The iFit design allegedly incorporates at least eight aesthetic features of the patented Hydrow Rower design.

While iFit is no stranger to patent litigation, this appears to be Hydrow’s first foray into patent infringement litigation.


Authors: Erik Axell and Meghan King


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