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Samsung Files Patent for Blockchain-Enabled Solid-State Drive

November 22, 2019


An increased interest in blockchain technology has resulted in an unparalleled number of global blockchain patent filings from corporations such as IBM and Alibaba. Until recently, Samsung has remained relatively reserved in the number of blockchain patents it has filed. However, in May 2019, Samsung filed a patent application for a new blockchain-enabled solid-state drive (SSD).

Samsung’s patent application for a “Programmable Solid State Drive and Switch” describes a programmable data storage device consisting of a storage controller and a field programmable gate array that is configured to implement a blockchain algorithm. According to Cointelegraph, the device proposed in the patent will be used to improve both the speed and lifespan of blockchain storage by calculating algorithms more efficiently. Manufacturers will be able to reprogram the device to support numerous algorithms, which could allow for cryptocurrency mining.

This patent filing is further evidence that the South Korean tech giant is shifting its focus to cryptocurrency mining. As further reported by Cointelegraph, Samsung has been designing and manufacturing chips for Bitcoin mining and has entered into a partnership with MicroBT, which manufactures Bitcoin ASICs. In addition to hardware manufacturing, Samsung has invested in blockchain companies Blocco and KZen Networks and is working on Samsung Coin, the tech company’s own cryptocurrency token.


Authors: Scott Kerr and Megan Brooks


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