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Samsung files patent for “eye-popping” smartphone pop-up camera

December 14, 2020


As reported by Gizmochina, Samsung has filed a patent at the World Intellectual Property Office, which discloses a new “pop-up” camera technology for smartphone devices.

The patent application describes a set of cameras that remain contained within a smartphone’s casing until they are used, at which point they spring out from the casing and protrude from the smartphone. The camera set retracts back into the smartphone’s casing for a cleaner design while the device is being otherwise used. Samsung’s patent application describes this technology in four distinct forms, which vary only in the placement of front and back-facing cameras within the popping-up camera sets.

The images attached to the patent application indicate that this technology is intended for use in foldable smartphone devices, a market in which Samsung has been a pioneer. The pop-up camera described by Samsung’s patent application can be used when a foldable phone is open or while it is folded closed, allowing users the flexibility and convenience of full camera capabilities in either position.

However, Gizmochina speculates that this patent may never be put to use by Samsung. As they note, under-screen cameras appear to be the future in smartphone technology and will likely be used in Samsung products in the years to come.


Authors: Jaclyn Tilak and Sasha Seeber


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