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SeaStar’s Patent Splash: Medical Device Technology Granted Canadian Protection

April 23, 2024


SeaStar Medical Holding Corporation has reportedly expanded its intellectual property portfolio with the grant of Canadian Patent No. 2,814,586. The patent protects the company’s Selective Cytopheretic Device (“SCD”) technology, which reportedly plays a role in mitigating the severe effects of hyper-inflammation on vital organs.

The SCD technology developed by SeaStar Medical presents a solution to the challenges posed by dysregulated hyper-inflammatory responses. Such responses can lead to extensive organ damage and are potentially fatal. The SCD’s mechanism focuses on targeting overactive inflammatory cells, aiming to suppress the excessive inflammatory reaction associated with various medical conditions and possibly reversing the damage caused to organs.

The new Canadian patent, titled “Cytopheretic Cartridge and Use Thereof,” includes the SCD cartridges designed to treat and process activated leukocytes and platelets. The addition of this patent builds upon SeaStar Medical’s existing patents in the United States.


Authors: PJ Conlon and Yaseen Manan


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