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Seeds of Change: Patent for Mustard-Based Sprout Suppressant Secured by MustGrow Biologics

March 29, 2021


As reported by The Deep Dive, MustGrow Biologics continues to expand its focus on natural biopesticides (pesticides derived from natural materials such as plants, bacteria, and minerals). The company recently announced it had obtained exclusive rights to “Mustard Meal to Inhibit Sprouting.”

The patent claims a method that utilizes allyl isothiocyanate, an active ingredient found in the mustard plant. This ingredient could control vegetable and potato sprouting, without reliance on harsh synthetic pesticides. The Deep Dive reports the market for suppressing sprouting is estimated to be over $100 USD million globally.

Obtaining the patent is significant given that use of chlorpropham, or CIPC was banned by the European Union (“EU”) on October 8, 2020.

Scientific Advisor to MustGrow Biologics, Dr. Matthew J. Morra, has reportedly suggested the US is also moving towards eliminating CIPC. Bans like the one in the EU mean plenty will need to be spent on refrigeration of produce until another option, such as the technology described in the patent just secured by MustGrow Biologics, becomes available.


Authors: Jaclyn Tilak and Emma Baumann


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