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Sony Granted Patent for "Luxury" Video Game Controller

February 5, 2020


Sony’s patent for a new PlayStation controller was recently published. While the patent is only available in Japanese, machine translation is available and the drawings can be viewed.

It remains unclear for which PlayStation this controller is designed. While it appears to be an update of the PlayStation 4 controller, it is possible that the controller could be intended for use with the PlayStation 5, which is slated for release sometime in 2020.

Business Insider has speculated that this controller is intended to be a "luxury" version of the current PlayStation 4 controller, which would directly compete with Microsoft’s "luxury" Xbox Elite controller series. It is also possible that Sony will choose not to produce the controller at all, since filing a patent does not necessitate a patent-holder to move forward with its design.


Authors: Scott Kerr and Megan Brooks


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