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Sony Renews "Psygnosis" Mark and Logo

March 16, 2022


As reported by the Video Games Chronicle, Sony renewed its "Psygnosis" trademark in North America in late 2021.

Psygnosis, founded in 1984 and subsequently acquired by Sony in 1993, is best-known for some of PlayStation’s most popular video games throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, such as the Wipeout, Destruction Derby and the Formula 1 series. Despite its success, the studio has not used the "Psygnosis" mark since 2000 and instead marketed itself under the brand SCE Studio Liverpool until its closure in 2012.

Sony first registered the Psygnosis mark in 2001 and later renewed it in 2011. In light of the studio’s closure in 2012 and Sony’s previous renewal in 2011 not leading to any use of the Psygnosis mark, it may be that Sony’s recent renewal is meant only to protect the mark from use by others rather than a reflection of any plans to revive the brand itself.


Authors: Zhiyao Chen and Awale Deria


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