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Start-Ups Win Big with Microsoft’s Donation of 500 Patents

May 27, 2019


Microsoft recently announced it would be making a 500 patent donation to start-ups in an expansion of the “Azure IP Advantage” program it launched in 2018.

The donation was made to members of the “LOT Network”, which is a community of businesses who work to protect against so-called “patent trolls” through the free exchange of patents. The LOT Network is made up of more than just smaller up-and-coming companies, and includes giants such as Amazon, Google, Netflix, Facebook, Lyft, Ford, GM, and Uber. The initiative is meant to encourage and incentivize start-ups to collaborate and cooperate in an effort to protect against patent squatters – those who sit on patents without using them.

“The LOT Network is really committed to helping address the proliferation of intellectual property losses, especially ones that are brought by non-practicing entities, or so-called trolls,” said Microsoft CVP and Deputy General Counsel Erich Andersen.


Authors: Amanda Bertucci and Yonca Umur


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