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Tesla Files Patent Application Regarding Glass-Forming Technology

September 23, 2021


As reported by Teslarati, Tesla Inc. (“Tesla”) has filed a patent application titled “Automotive Glass Structure Having Feature Lines and Related Method of Manufacture”, in which it describes a durable glass-forming method that involves aggressive curves and folds. The patent application shows how these techniques may be applied to Tesla's Cybertruck.

According to Tesla, this technique could enable it to create windshields with intricate feature lines that are impossible to replicate using conventional glass-forming methods. Tesla is not only focused on applying this technique to the exterior of the vehicles but also to the interior. The patent application shows that the Cybertruck’s dashboard could be made of glass instead, giving the interior of the vehicle a more sophisticated look.

While no specific timeline has been provided for production, Tesla has noted that the Cybertruck should enter its beta stage at the end of the year and production could start next year.


Authors: Bukola Adelusi and Meghan King


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