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Thalmic Issued US Patents for "Focals"

October 24, 2018


As reported by MobileSyrup, Thalmic Labs Inc. (“Thalmic”), has recently been issued U.S. patents associated with its new holographic glasses design.

The newly issued patents are listed below:

Similar applications have been filed in Canada. Thalmic is awaiting their approval by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

As reported by the Financial Post, Thalmic has recently rebranded itself as “North” and has shifted its focus to a set of smart eyeglasses it calls “Focals”. The Waterloo-based start-up is now dedicated to providing consumers with holographic glasses that they would actually want to wear.

As reported by Wired, after tinkering with bulkier models, co-founders Stephen Lake, Matt Bailey and Aaron Grant decided that Focals would be glasses, first, and a tech product, second. To ensure the best fit possible, this new tech-accessory must be fitted to the wearer in-person and can only be purchased in one of North’s two exclusive retail locations in Toronto or Brooklyn, NY.

Author: Sam Galway


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