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The Formation of a Company to Copyright Movement

June 8, 2021


JaQuel Knight, the creative mind behind the choreography to Beyoncé’s hits, such as “Formation” and “Single Ladies”, has reportedly launched Knight Choreography and Music Publishing Inc. to put “power back in the artist’s hands” through copyrighting.

Knight recently became the first person to successfully copyright dance moves when he secured a copyright for the “Single Ladies” choreography. Historically, choreographers have not enjoyed the same legal protections as other artists have, even when they go viral. Knight wanted choreographers to be able to own their intellectual property and enjoy the recognition and financial compensation that they deserve.

According to Variety, the company will operate in the same way a music publisher does, by brokering licensing deals and protecting IP, except it will oversee the rights to dance.

Knight will be working alongside his manager, Mary Pelloni, as well as the lawyer who helped secure the precedent-setting copyright for “Single Ladies”, David Hecht.


Author: Meg King


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