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The Future of Autonomous Vehicles Becomes More Clear

August 20, 2021


Foresight Autonomous Holdings Ltd. (“Foresight”) has reportedly received a U.S. patent for its multi-spectral vehicular system for providing pre-collision alerts. The patented system reportedly serves as the underlying technology of Foresight's QuadSight® automotive vision system.

Foresight was founded and launched in July 2015 as a spinoff of Magna B.S.P., which is a company that develops and delivers military grade 3D video surveillance solutions.

The system, for use in autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, uses two sets of stereoscopic sensors, one detecting infrared light and one detecting visible light. The system then combines the images from the sensors to create accurate and continuous depth perception, which it uses to detect obstacles and estimate distances.

The system is also described as working in harsh lighting and weather conditions, where other systems have apparently failed.


Author: Mark Leonard


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