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The Pink Plumber: US Trademark Lawsuit Suggests There Can Only be One

November 15, 2021


If you live in South Carolina, you currently have two pink plumbers to choose from.

As reported by The State, Plumbing in Pink is suing Pink Plumbing in a trademark infringement case in federal court. Rusty Greer obtained a trademark for Plumbing in Pink in June 2017. Greer has since expanded his business of pink-uniformed plumbers in magenta vans throughout the state.

Pink Plumbing was incorporated in August 2017 by Judson Ledgett, Mr. Greer’s former colleague. The similar name has allegedly been causing confusion, with Plumbing in Pink receiving service calls from Charleston, where Pink Plumbing operates (and where Plumbing in Pink had planned to expand).

The lawsuit alleges trademark infringement, which Pink Plumbing denies. The trial is set for August 2022.


Authors: Hannah Johnson and Caitlin Woodford


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