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Tracy Chapman Claims Copyright Infringement Against Nicki Minaj

November 23, 2018


As reported by CNN, pop sensation Nicki Minaj has been sued by folk singer Tracy Chapman for copyright infringement relating to the song “Sorry”, which Minaj recently wrote and recorded with rapper Nas.

Chapman has alleged that Minaj’s song incorporates the lyrics and vocal melody from her own 1988 single “Baby, Can I hold You” without her permission. It has been said that Chapman’s lyrics and vocal melody comprise approximately half of Minaj’s song, and are easily recognizable and identifiable.

Shortly before the release of Minaj’s album, Queen, Chapman claims that Minaj and her representatives reached out for permission to license “Baby, Can I hold You”, but their request was denied. Despite the rejection, Minaj released the single to a popular New York DJ who played it on his station, Hot 97, and later promoted it on social media channels. The DJ has since taken the song down from his website, but leaks are still circulating online.


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