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Under Armour Files Patent for “Smart” Sneaker

August 15, 2019


Under Armour is developing a “smart” sneaker that would track the blood pressure of its wearer.

Its patent application describes two possible processes by which the “smart” sneaker would operate.

The first involves having the shoe connect to a smart device, similar to a Fitbit. Data collected by the “smart” sneaker would provide analytics to the wearer through the Fitbit-like device.

The second involves implanting a blood pressure detector at the bottom of the shoe that would take the wearer’s blood pressure during workouts. Depending on the blood pressure reading, the shoe’s sole would adjust to improve blood flow and aid post-workout recovery.

The blood pressure sensing “smart” sneaker patent is the latest in a series of smart clothing innovations developed by Under Armour. Last year, Under Armour launched HOVR running shoes, which have a sensor that enables wearers to track their stride length, pace, and distance.


Authors: Larissa Fulop and Nargis Fazli


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