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Wireless multi-device charging innovation from Apple receives patent protection

November 23, 2020


As reported by PatentlyApple, Apple has been granted patent protection for multi-device wireless charging technology.

The patent describes an enclosure that allows any devices placed inside to be charged simultaneously by virtue of magnetic coils contained in its walls. The “inductive power transfer transmitter” has walls lined with coils that generate magnetic fields. These coils work in tandem with Apple devices inside the enclosure to create a current which charges the device's battery.

Apple’s patent describes the use of this technology in both four-walled rectangular enclosures and single-walled cylindrical enclosures. What is not clear from the patent is which Apple devices are envisioned to be compatible with such a charger.

There has been no indication from Apple of whether its new charging technology will translate into a consumer product.


Authors: Jaclyn Tilak and Sasha Seeber


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