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Yamaha's Hybrid Drive System for Scooters

March 25, 2022


As reported by VisorDown, Yamaha has submitted two patent applications related to a TMAX maxi-scooter with an innovative hybrid drive system.

The technology described in the first patent works by creating a direct link between the internal combustion engine (ICE) and the electric motor. This design means there is only one connection between the bike’s power sources, which utilizes the bike’s conventional transmission system and keeps development of the bike as cost-effective as possible. Combining the ICE and electric motor should also make it easier to maintain consistent torque, power, and RPM.

The technology described in the second patent mounts the hybrid drive system on the bike’s swing arm and transmission system – separate from the ICE. While this system is not as cost effective, the modular approach can effectively be paired with a number of different engines. The maxi-scooter makes a good starting point for hybrid projects due to its relative size as compared to a conventional motorcycle.

There is not yet any indication as to if and when this technology will hit the road.


Authors: Hannah Johnson and Sarah Stothart


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