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Amazon Patents Latest Delivery Idea

March 26, 2019


Amazon has patented yet another way of delivering packages to their customers. A spin on Amazon Locker, which allows for deliveries to be retrieved from self-service locker units, the online retail giant’s new idea makes it possible for purchases to be picked up from mobile storage units on public buses. The patent, US Patent No 10,192,189 is titled “Mobile Pickup Locations”.

The mobile pickup is intended to increase convenience by allowing customers to get items while doing their usual commute. Customers would choose a convenient bus route and window of time for them to ride the bus and get their packages. In theory, the service will also be GPS enabled.

It is part of Amazon’s multi-pronged effort to address the issue of customers missing their deliveries because they are not home, or live in rural areas that do not have access to reliable courier services. Amazon Key, which allows for in-home delivery, is another way the company is tackling this problem. The service, which is already available in the United States, allows for delivery agents to enter a customer’s home while they are away to drop off packages using mobile app technology.

Amazon has patented several delivery methods that have not yet been put into practice. One is an airborne fulfillment center which would involve drones delivering packages and replenishing inventory.


Authors: Jaclyn Tilak and Ti-Anna Wang


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