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Apple Files Patent Application for Waterproof MacBook Hinge

April 15, 2021


As reported by iMore, Apple has filed a patent application titled “liquid ingress control for electronic devices” that reveals Apple could one day release a MacBook that has a waterproof hinge.

Apple has already applied water-resistant technology to the iPhone 12 and previous models. However, Apple has never added this technology to its computers.

The patent explains how the waterproof hinge would be created by including a barrier that would “comprise a foam material or a hydrophobic material” attached to a flexible band which would be used to hide and protect the cables that run between a MacBook’s display and keyboard housing. The foam barrier would stop water and other liquids from entering or building up in the area, and the patent would also include channels or protrusions to reduce contact surface area, as well as diverting spillages to designated areas or exits from housing.

While there are many ways to spill your morning coffee on your MacBook, additional waterproof or water-resistant measures may help reduce the damage caused by such accidents.


Authors: Shadi Varkiani and Sam Galway


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