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Apple Files Patent for Adding Camera to Apple Watch

August 23, 2019


According to Gizmodo, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) recently granted Apple a new patent to add a camera to the Apple Watch. The patent design calls for a camera to sit at the end of the Apple Watch band, rather than inside the case. The camera will send image data back to the watch through a hidden optical cable in the band.

The camera appears to be two-sided, which would allow users to take selfies as well as traditional pictures, and may have the capacity to capture full 360-degree videos. When the camera would be in an idle mode, it would sit along the watchband strap on the user’s wrist. The design and functionality of such a camera would allow users to leave their smartphones at home without sacrificing major features.

Other smartwatch producers, including Samsung, have attempted to build cameras into their watches, but have seemingly abandoned the idea. However, earlier this year, LG filed a patent with the USPTO for a camera located on the strap of its smart watch, which is similar to the Apple design.


Authors: Amanda Bertucci and Kyle Jacobson


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