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Apple’s Vision of a Foldable Phone with a “Self-Healing” Display

December 11, 2020


According to The Verge, in January 2020, Apple filed a patent application for a folding “iDevice” that includes a display cover layer with self-healing properties. Apple has been considering designs for a foldable iPhone for years and other companies, such as Samsung and Motorola, are making foldable smartphones as well. However, the proposed device would be the first smartphone to feature a self-healing screen.

The patent application states that the display would theoretically repair dents and scratches using heat, light, or electric current. Apple did not specify how users can expect to activate this function on their future devices.

Self-healing could occur without prompting, possibly when charging or during scheduled updates; alternatively, it may be initiated by an external stimulus. The application also states that the screen may include a layer of elastomer to improve the flexibility and durability of the display cover when stretched and contracted.

It is still too early to say if or when the proposed device will make it to market. For now, we look forward to seeing whether this technology will deliver more durable screens in the future.


Authors: Meg King and Awale Deria


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