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ARC Assigns Patents for Electric Motorcycle

June 27, 2019


According to The Drive, British motorcycle startup ARC Vehicle (“ARC”) has assigned several patents for a state-of-the-art electric motorcycle to premium automaker Jaguar Land Rover (“Jaguar”). Jaguar has been a major investor in ARC since 2018.

The founders of Jaguar Cars originally built sidecars for motorcycles before expanding into the kinds of luxury vehicles that Jaguar is known for today. The recent patent assignments from ARC may suggest that Jaguar is looking to re-enter the motorcycle market with the world’s first fully-electric motorcycle with Human Machine Interface (HMI).

One patent application reveals some exciting innovations that will allow motorcyclists to enjoy the “augmented driving” experience that has become standard in some cars. The electric motorcycle is expected to come with high-tech riding gear, including a heads-up display helmet and jacket that will provide the driver with blind spot and lane departure warnings through audio, visual and/or vibration feedback.

ARC has reportedly been developing more intellectual property around its electric motorcycle that does not belong to Jaguar, so we may see additional patent filings and potential assignments from ARC.


Authors: Larissa Fulop and Kyle Jacobson


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