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BMW Patents New Wireless Charging Technology for Electric Motorcycle

February 4, 2020


BMW has reportedly designed an innovative new way to wirelessly charge its electric motorcycles. A patent recently filed with the European Patent Office shows a wireless charging receiver located at the base of the bike’s kickstand.

Wireless charging works best when the charger and receiver are in direct (or near direct) contact. BMW’s patent cleverly contemplates the kickstand (the only non-rubber component of the bike to touch the ground) coming into direct contact with a wireless charging pad. When the rider parks his or her electric motorcycle, the kickstand’s pad would land on the wireless charger, which houses the induction coils and other components necessary to effect power transmission.

BMW’s design would surely help eliminate the use of bothersome cables. However, wireless charging technology is still in its infancy and is less efficient than ordinary wired charging. According to electrek, the wireless setup would probably be used initially as a “trickle-charging top-up measure,” meaning, if riders needed faster charging, they would likely still plug in to charge their vehicle the old-fashioned way.


Authors: Larissa Fulop and Megan Brooks


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