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Chanel files lawsuit against eBay seller for trademark infringement

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

July 31, 2018


Chanel has launched a $56 million lawsuit against eBay seller Ryan Ladijinsky for infringing 27 of Chanel’s trademarks, reports The Fashion Law, HypeBeast, and Highsnobiety. Ladijinsky is not an authorized seller of Chanel products and is selling “used goods, goods that were never intended for sale, and/or goods lacking any packaging or product information”. According to Chanel, the lack of packaging is problematic because consumers are unable to gauge whether the products have been previously opened or tampered with.

Further, Chanel claims the lack of packaging is damaging to the brand’s status as a luxury retailer. Chanel takes care to ensure that its products are “sold in appealing packaging that enhances the value of the products and that reflects the hard-earned image and reputation of Chanel as a manufacturer and seller of high-end luxury goods”. Without such packaging, the goods are “materially different”, even if authentic, and thus infringe Chanel’s trademarks.

A Brooklyn federal court will determine whether Chanel will receive the injunction and damages it seeks, in addition to punitive damages for what Chanel deems Ladijinsky’s “wilful infringement”.

Authors: Jaclyn Tilak, Sarah Stothart, Larissa Fulop and Daniela Cerrone


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