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Coffee By Design files trademark suit over CBD name

July 11, 2019


Coffee By Design is suing CBD Coffee of Utah, a coffee roaster that infuses its coffee with cannabidiol (CBD), for trademark infringement.

Since being founded 25 years ago, Coffee By Design has been well-known in Greater Portland as “CBD”. The acronym gained traction early in the company’s existence and led Coffee By Design to trademark “CBD” in the coffee category over a decade ago.

With the growing popularity of cannabidiol, known more commonly as CBD, Coffee By Design is taking action to protect its brand. Mary Allen Lindemann, co-owner of Coffee By Design, says that the company has already sent warning letters to half a dozen companies that are describing their cannabidiol-infused product as “CBD coffee”.

Since the “CBD” acronym is protected by a federally registered trademark, Lindemann is asking that companies who sell cannabidiol-infused coffee instead describe their coffees as containing “CBD extract” so that “consumers know that they’re buying coffee that has cannabis in it and not Coffee By Design.”


Authors: Amanda Bertucci and Shadi Varkiani


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