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Cycling Patent aims to Revolutionize Pedal Revolutions

December 9, 2021


As reported by, Huron Cycling has obtained a U.S. patent for a chainset that purportedly improves cycling efficiency by over 4%.

The "Impact" chainset utilizes fibre composite leaf springs and stores energy during the downstroke, releasing the energy in the dead spot of the pedal revolution. As a result, cyclists are able to achieve faster speeds with less energy.

Huron Cycling is hoping to bring its chainset technology to the market, with an initial focus on performance cyclists (including professional racers). If the ‘Impact’ chainset makes it to production, the Union Cycliste Internationale may classify the chainset as a technical innovation and require approval before being used.

Further details on the chainset are available in white papers published on Huron Cycling’s website.


Authors: Luke Devine and Caitlin Woodford


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