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Does McLaren Have Three New Road Vehicles?

November 30, 2021


It was recently reported that carmaker and manufacturer McLaren Group (“McLaren”), which also races in F1 (pictured above), filed three applications with the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Officer to register the marks, Aeron, Aonic and Solus, for “motor land vehicles or carts, parts and accessories”.

At this date, it is unclear whether McLaren will use these marks, and, if so, what they will be used for.

However, it has been suggested that Aeron, Aonic and Solus could very well be the names of the newest line of McLaren road vehicles, ultimately replacing the carmaker’s current line of cars (the P1, 720S and GT). While it’s still too early to determine how these marks will be used (if used at all), it will nevertheless be exciting to speculate!


Authors: Matthew Erdman and Mark Leonard


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