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GM ‘Powers Up’ EV Trend With New Trademark Filing

March 8, 2022


As reported by GM Authority, General Motors recently filed a trademark application for “PowerUp”, which appears to be the name for GM’s upcoming charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs).

The application was filed on January 12, 2022 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office under the Goods and Services category. It is not yet clear if the name will be used for public charging stations or at-home, personal chargers for EV owners.

The move is in line with GM’s plans to boost EV and AV investments to $35 billion by 2025 and its general trend toward electric power. “PowerUp” is one of a few EV-related trademark applications that GM recently filed, along with “Powerhub”, “PowerBase” and the “Buick Electra” nameplate.


Authors: Em Windrim and Larissa Fulop


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