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Kardashian Kards?

April 13, 2021


The Kardashians have their eyes set on a surprising new stream of revenue, the sale of branded stationary.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Kris, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian have filed to secure the name “Kardashian Kards” for the new business through which they are expected to sell greeting cards, calendars, decals, photo albums and postcards. The trademark filings also reveal that the “Kardashian Kards” mark could appear on scrapbooks, stationaries, notebooks, stickers, bookmarks, and gift wrap.

While the release of “Kardashian Kards” may be unexpected, it comes in the midst of a series of trademarks being filed by the famous family. In February 2021, Kris filed to trademark Kris Jenner Skin and Kris Jenner Skin Care in relation to "cosmetics, skin-care, nail-care products, false eyelashes, hair-care products, and fragrances". Kris also sought trademark protection for the quote, "You're doing amazing, sweetie," back in August 2020.

Despite the family’s E-channel series wrapping production after a 20 season run, one thing is clear: the Kardashians and their marks are not going anywhere.


Authors: Nargis Fazli and Meghan King


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