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More AI Copyright Infringement Lawsuits

December 15, 2023


As reported by The Guardian, Sara Silverman, comedian and author, has reportedly filed two class action lawsuits: one lawsuit against OpenAI and the other against Meta, for copyright infringement by their respective artificial intelligence products.

The lawsuits allege that OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Meta’s LLaMA were trained on Ms. Silverman and other authors' copyrighted works without permission. The lawsuits allege that the datasets ChatGPT and LLaMA are trained on were sourced from “shadow library” sites including copyrighted work.

Other authors have filed similar lawsuits, alleging copyright infringement against artificial intelligence software for use of their work without their permission.

The outcome of these lawsuits could set a precedent and shape the future of AI-generated content.


Authors: Noor Sakran and Yaseen Manan

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