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Samsung Files Patent for New Galaxy Buds

February 7, 2020


Samsung recently filed a patent for what appears to be a new iteration of its wireless earbuds, the Galaxy Buds. While the patent does not indicate what the new earbuds will look like, it does include a sketch of the charging case. Droid Life notes that the illustration of the charging case appears to indicate that each earbud will have a capacity of 300mA, which could mean up to triple the battery life. Currently, the Galaxy Buds feature an estimated 6 hours of battery life.

While it is currently unknown when the new Galaxy Buds will be released to consumers, the Verge reports that Samsung is planning to unveil its Galaxy S11 and new Galaxy Fold smartphone in February and speculates that Samsung may choose to unveil its new earbuds at that time.


Authors: Scott Kerr and Megan Brooks


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