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Take a trip to the Electric City with electricity: Honda patents electric motorcycle

May 4, 2021


While electric bicycles have exploded in popularity recently, electric motorcycles still account for only a small proportion of total motorcycle sales.

Honda is trying to expand into the electric motorcycle space with an electric motorcycle similar in style to its Grom model. Honda has reportedly filed three patent applications in Japan, which show an electric motorcycle that is small in size and designed to be fun.

The gas-powered Grom is a favourite among new and existing riders for an exciting ride in a small package. Since the Grom does not rely on performance, practicality or long-range ability, it is the ideal candidate for electric conversion. An electric Grom could have the ability to attract young riders and existing motorcyclists alike.

The motorcycle described in the patent filing appears to be in a concept stage rather than a machine ready for production. The motorcycle looks suited to use the swappable battery system that Honda is pioneering with its PCX Electric scooter in Asia. There is no guarantee the motorcycle in the patent ends up being produced, but it is evidence that Honda is interested in the potential of electric motorcycles.


Authors: Jay Piett and Scott Kerr


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