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Tesla Files Patent for Electromagnetic Windshield Wiper

December 4, 2019


For anyone who has ever wondered why windshield wipers do not clean the whole windshield, you’re not alone.

As reported by Teslarati, instead of the traditional set-up with two blades making semi-circular strokes, Tesla plans to have a single blade, connected to two horizontal bars, wipe across the span of the windshield from side to side. According to Tesla’s recently-published patent, the wipers would be guided by an electromagnetic system and the wiper would retract into the hood of the vehicle when not in use. Because the windshield wiper is stowed away when it is not in use, it would also improve a vehicle’s aerodynamic performance.

While Tesla has not yet revealed which of its models will include the electromagnet blade, there is speculation that it will be featured on the Roadster in the future, given the model’s emphasis on aerodynamics.


Authors: Sam Galway and Meg King


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