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These PlayStation Controllers are Bananas

April 16, 2021


As reported by Business Insider, Sony has filed a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a system that could potentially turn inanimate objects into PlayStation controllers.

The patent describes the system as comprising an input unit capable of obtaining images of a non-luminous passive object, to be held like a controller. The new technology will track motion using a camera tracking pixels, contours, and colours. It is expected that the new controller will assist gamers with exploiting more functions in their games, including multiplayer interactions. The patent includes a camera that would map out virtual buttons on the player’s object of choice.

Sony has received headlines after using a banana to illustrate their new system. Although the patent designs display a banana, Sony expects the system to work with any object that does not emit light, so you won’t have to bruise your breakfast while playing Fortnite.


Authors: Awale Deria and Meghan King


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