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What’s the Game Plan? – Atari Renewing "Ocean Software" Mark

March 15, 2022


As reported by Game Rant, Atari has filed a trademark application in the European Union to renew the mark, "Ocean Software" (“Ocean”), which was previously its own independent game development studio (before merging with Infogrames United Kingdom Ltd., and later changing its name).

Ocean was founded in 1983 and grew in popularity after releasing film-licensed games for classics such as Jurassic Park, The NeverEnding Story and Lethal Weapon. This revival appears to be part of a larger plan for Atari to re-invigorate its brand and veer away from a previous bankruptcy filing in 2013.

Atari’s application covers a lot of ground. In renewing the Ocean trademark, it appears that Atari may be looking to expand past video game releases. Both hardware and virtual goods are listed, as well as online game software rental, and streaming and subscription services. While the application is broad and could see Ocean enter many spaces, the nature and impact of Ocean’s return is yet to be seen.

Game on.


Authors: Em Windrim and Awale Deria


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