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Will “MJ10” be the new “TB12”? Patriots Quarterback makes a Play for a Nickname Trademark

February 28, 2022


As reported by the Pats Pulpit, the first-round draft pick and NFL rising star, Mac Jones, has filed for two nickname trademarks.

Jones’s move to solidify a marketable presence is unsurprising, given that he has already been awarded a Player of the Month Award for his outstanding performance this past season. Following in the steps of Tom Brady (who filed for his own trademark “TB12”), Jones may be looking to use his strong start as a new Patriots quarterback to help create his brand.

The trademark requests are “MJ10” and “Mac10”, which will be used on a multitude of products from pants to beanies to athletic apparel. Securing these trademarks could prove to be a lucrative play for Jones.


Authors: Em Windrim and Caitlin Woodford


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