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Does Jaguar’s recent trademark filing signal a future electric sports car?

September 5, 2019


As reported by Autotrader, the British automaker Jaguar has recently applied to reserve the name “Jaguar EV-type”, igniting speculation that consumers may soon see a Jaguar Electric Vehicle sports car roaming the streets. While the company has yet to comment on the implications of their Swiss trademark application, it is understandable why consumers may think that Jaguar is interested in building on its success in the electric vehicle space.

Jaguar entered the fully electric vehicle market with the successful 2018 launch of the I-Pace, a battery-electric crossover. Most recently, the vehicle was named the 2019 “Car of the Year” at the World Car Awards, with Jaguar Director of Design, Ian Callum, stating that electric vehicles provide “unprecedented freedom” to designers. The news also follows a June announcement in which British motorcycle startup ARC Vehicle assigned patents for a state-of-the-art electric motorcycle to Jaguar.

Jaguar has promised that all of its new products launched after 2020 will have an electric or hybrid powertrain option, so it is likely only a matter of time before a fully electric Jaguar sports car hits the markets. However, given that Jaguar has yet to unveil a concept for the EV-type, eager motorists will likely have to wait a few more years.


Authors: Sarah Stothart and Adam Voorberg

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